Alan Cohen is a motivational guru and one of the top-ranking thinkers and writers. He influences the lives of many people who want to live better and are open to getting out of their comfort zone. I recently reviewed his book “How Good Can You Let It Get?” in my speech for GED students and this post is a summary of it.

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GED students face many obstacles, they don’t have a high school diploma so they have to go back to school to earn their GED certificate. It may take them only 3 months to get all set, but often they first join a class with enthusiasm, but only to drop out halfway or disappear for a while until they may show up again.

Reasons for that being lost interest, family commitment, a job, hard for them to attend a class on a regular basis due to money issues, transportation to class and more. It seems that most GED students come from a low-income world so these issues make sense. So getting the GED  really benefits them!


I hope my lecture based on the book of Alan Cohen: “How Good Can You Let It Get?” will inspire them to stay on course and get their GED.


The universe we live in is abundant, extravagant and limitless but we do not reap the benefits of living in such a universe because our thoughts are limited and tiny. Throughout the ages, thoughts have become tinier and tinier as more people agree with each other’s puny thoughts and beliefs.

So the smart thing to do is expand our beliefs in order to experience life fully. How can we expand our beliefs? Here are a few ways:

  • Laugh often
  • Love people
  • Possess a big vision and big goals
  • Put passion into life and work
  • Care about people
  • Have better beliefs about money, life, and success


A good deal of the book talks about finances: money and wealth from the point-of-view that there is enough money to go around but we limit ourselves due to our beliefs, fears and our instinct to hoard. We think money is dependent on external conditions like economy, bosses, jobs etc when in fact, money is a result of:

  • Mindset
  • Attitude
  • Intention
  • Desire
  • Willingness

Money and wealth beliefs are usually inherited from parents and authority figures and we learned it through feelings, energy, and example. The good news is that it is possible to program our minds for positive money beliefs. You will understand why if you know the background of Alan Cohen.


The book lists a number of ways to acquire and develop wealth mentality.

  • Quality & Excellence: Provide excellent quality and service with integrity in everything you do. Always put people first, care about them and practice human connection with every interaction. Make excellence a habit and not merely an act.
  • Know Your Worth: Remember never to belittle yourself and know your true worth in day-to-day life.
  • Only Go After Happy Money: Money inherently is not good or bad but it becomes good or bad depending upon how we think of it and how we use it. Be aware of your power to generate wealth and this awareness will remove struggle to acquire money and desire to hoard money once you have the money. Always look for happy money. Money that is given or received with joy and free choice.
  • Situations: No matter what the current situation, there’s always a silver lining to it. Re-frame your mind. Remember that your source is infinite and does not depend on few individuals and companies.
  • Ease: The most effective success attitude to adopt is EASE and not struggle. Relax and trust your wise intuition.
  • Be Happy And Hungry: Always be happy and content with what you have. Be grateful. At the same time, be hungry for more as you deserve more and that feeling is natural and healthy so don’t feel guilty.
  • Have Faith: A strong faith that everything works out for good at the end is essential. Do not worry because there will always be a part of you that is clear and strong. Look for that clear and strong part in you and use that part to lead in times of crisis.
  • Breathe Passion And Energy: In all your work and creations, breathe passion and energy. People will be willing to pay freely to feel the energy and passion when you do everything with nothing less than a whole heart.
  • Authenticity & Love: Be yourself and never anyone else. Teach well and love people as if it will be the last time you see them.