Alternative Lifestyle-How Can You Find The Elusive Work-Life Balance

Striking a work-life balance is a difficult task. Chances are you’ve got plenty of work assignments you need to finish, coupled with plenty of household chores you need to take care of. With all of those responsibilities, it can be tough to find free time to just relax and feel better.

This post is about an alternative lifestyle-how can you find the elusive Work-Life Balance. If you find that you constantly feel swamped, these tips can help you find a better work-life balance:

Schedule Free Time

Book a babysitter and go out on a date with your loved one. Or spend time with your friends. No matter what you choose, some much-needed social time will help you unwind. You can even plan a weekly movie outing or game night so you can bond with your children and spouse.

Make the Most of Your Time at Work

It’s pretty easy to get sucked into meaningless conversations with your co-workers or get hung up on taking care of bills at the office. While chatting with your colleagues can help build camaraderie, it’s best to ensure you’re getting as much work done at the office as possible so you can leave on time.

Consider Asking for Help

If you’ve got too much on your plate, try outsourcing it. Maybe you can have your groceries delivered so you don’t have to go to the store, or a dog walker might be able to help you take care of your pets. And you may also benefit from going back to school. This may seem challenging, but it’s often worth the time if you think about a new career.

Take a Vacation

Heading out of town is one of the best ways to let go. You’ll leave your worries behind and feel the stress melt away. Spending time on the beach is always relaxing. Maybe even a quick jaunt to the woods will help you feel better. Sometimes even the act of planning a getaway instead of getting into your audience’s head all the time, even if it’s months away, can release the stress you’re feeling.


Another stress-buster? Working up a sweat. Just a quick jog or stroll around the block can provide you with plenty of feel-good endorphins that will help improve your mood. Exercise also can help you perform better at work, and it can help keep your cognitive skills sharp as you age, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Shut out Technology

Sure, you love playing games and checking your Facebook feed on your phone. But you may also be overworking by constantly looking at your email. If this is the case, make it a rule not to check your work email after 6 p.m. Or just don’t look at your smartphone in the evening so you have more time to spend with your children or spouse.

Let It Go

If you struggle with making sure everything is perfect, let that expectation go. You don’t have to have the cleanest house on the block. Likewise, not every single task you turn in needs to be perfect. Accept that you will make mistakes and that it’s OK. By not holding yourself to such impossible standards, you’ll enjoy your life more and will avoid burning out at work and at home. Anyway, I decided to change my life and I stopped working from 9 to 5. I now run my own business at the time that suits me best (don’t make a mistake: I actually make A LOT MORE hours!)

Eat Well

If you’re constantly reaching for junk food or sweets throughout your day, try swapping that candy bar for an apple. Simple changes like that can make a big difference in how you feel. By fueling your body with fresh, healthy produce, you’ll probably lose weight and have more energy. A healthy diet can also help you stave off diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and certain cancers.