Slow Down Without Stopping

Yes, today is the longest day of the year. Something about these long, warm June days makes me want to slow down, slow everything down. My motivation melts like an ice cream cone in a child’s hand on a bench, in a park, in the ripples of the sun that cast themselves down on us through the screen of shimmering, green leaves. Sure, I do my workouts as usual, but it seems like the intensity is a bit less. This video shows you how to get your spits real fast even in these lazy days of summer and to slow down without stopping.

I come to my computer: to write, to work, to pay bills–activities that I allow my mind to label “chores,” activities that I approach with more anxiety the longer I procrastinate on them.

You see, as the days lengthen, with light stretching itself long into the evening, far past 9:00, I feel that time itself is lengthening, stretching its legs, slowing, pausing.

I am swimming in memories of the summers of my youth when it seemed the days lasted forever, and the beginning of the next school year felt a lifetime away. I spent those long, hot days among stacks of library books, hungry for words, turning pages quickly, eager for the other-world escape a child finds so easily between the pages of a book.


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