Banshee Review

This is one show that when you watch on DVD or Netflix you’re going to regret not catching it earlier.  Every episode steps up the tension to an already tension filled series, and when they bring it, it’s pretty much brung.

The deliciously hot Rebecca plot changes radically, and she has to turn to Ex-Amish turn small town gangster Uncle Kai for help, and that relationship take a full blown “Hustler’s Barely Legal” turn.   Lucas get to confront Carrie about his daughter, and Olec come to town to tell Rabbit’s daughter it’s time to come home or die.   In the history of TV fights, this one turns the volume up to eleven as Carrie disagrees with Olec, violently.   Alex Longshadow gets the family business and it turns out he has a smoking hot sister who pops up to wish pops a good death and will probably be sticking around Banshee for a bit.

Where her storyline is going it hard to tell but it doesn’t look like Kai is going to have things go exactly his way.  Gordon, whose been suspicious of Carrie’s behavior from episode one, goes on a tear to find out what she’s hiding and we get a great moment between him and Deva.

The end-credit snippet is a perfect game changer but the next week preview puts things on a nail-biting/edge of your seat level.   This isn’t just a show, it’s an action/crime drama hyped up on a permanent rush of speed and meth.  It can’t be said enough, you’re going to kick yourself for missing out on this one.

What would you do the protect the life you’ve made for yourself and your family?  Of course most people would say anything.  Carrie makes a decision on this episode and while not unexpected it does put a interesting meaning to “everything.”   As mentioned in a Castle review, one of the things you have to include in any crime drama is at some point or another the central characters will get into trouble.  Banshee is a show where everyone is a target for one reason on another and it works perfectly.

The robbery gone wrong, the Mayor’s reaction to how Lucas does his job, Job’s reaction to Carrie’s phone call, and in the wings there’s Rabbit.

It’s obvious that the Rabbit sub-plot is going to have a “Last Man Standing” vibe going for it when it comes to a head, and we get none of those flashbacks this episode the show is really good at.  We know why Lucas reacted to Deva being in trouble (again), and the relationship between Kai and Lilli seems just to “Hustler’s Taboo” which fits right in with why this show is Cinemax’s perfect guilty pleasure.

Every episode takes a page out of super hero movies by giving you a reason to watch until the credits finish, and the snippet at the end give us a clue about how fast things are going from worse to really, really awful.   This is one show fans are going to pine over as we wait another season.  Yes, it’s just that good.