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The autumn flower of sun flare.
The autumn flower of sun flare.

Like a sultry movie star from days of yore, I put the bad leg up on Nate’s knee and sexily tore off the ankle brace.  He looked up at me like I was insane.  So I said, “What, don’t you want some THIS!”  He said, “The ankle brace strip tease really doesn’t do it for me.”  Apparently the bend-and-snap move I learned in Legally Blonde doesn’t actually work.  And since I’m lazy, I quit trying to seduce my husband shortly after that.

You know how some women can turn a man on like flipping a light switch?  I’m not one of them.  I guess that’s why I spend so much time sitting in the dark.  Pass me those irate birds – I have some pigs to kill.


It’s a little ironic that I’m terrified of death, and yet I am married to a man who deals with death in his profession every single day.  No, I’m not married to a mortician or a funeral director. Nate doesn’t perform autopsies, he’s not a crime scene investigator. (more…)

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Don’t Get Bored…Get Busy! How to Make The Most Of Your Summer Vacation…For Teens


School’s out! You’re now faced with two to three months that you have to fill with something productive to do so that you don’t waste away in the house all day. There are a variety of options depending on what grade you are in and what your interest are:

1) Get Employed! One way to have a productive summer is to get a part-time summer job. Many people don’t want to work during the summer because they think that it may be boring. Work doesn’t have to be boring though. If you like kids, for example, there are summer camps that you can work at.

You can also try and find jobs with people who are working in careers that you are interested in, that way not only do you make money but you get to see if you really like the field.

Also as you get older, especially once you reach college, your back to school cost will get more expensive and parents may be less willing and or unable to help so having some extra money at the end of the summer is always a plus.

2) Internships. If you are in college, internships are another summer possibility. There are both paid and unpaid internships. Regardless of which type of internship you participate in, they can be very rewarding. Internships look great on resumes and sometimes can help land you a job post graduation. Networking and hands-on experience are key for being marketable after you graduate because employers like to see that you have experience in that specific field.


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When God Speaks to You…

The Power of Being Patient Enough to Slow Down and Hear from God

God has had me on an amazing journey since 2014. But the real pivotal point came in the spring of 2012. It’s a faith walk like I’ve never seen before. He was preparing the way for me.

I had an idea of what I wanted my life to look like, but God had other plans. I had just graduated the semester before from college. I was home again, not quite sure of what the next steps would entail.

My family told me I needed to go out there and go find a job. The problem was…I was either overqualified or I needed to go back to school for a Masters’ degree.

So I even applied for jobs out of desperation; doing things I could never see myself doing at one time. I had let others define for me what my life should be.

My family couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting hired anywhere. They were convinced that I was doing something wrong. I had applied to be a mental health worker, unit secretary, banking jobs, retail, social services, and at a mortgage firm to become a loan processor. But none of them hired me. (more…)

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Little Miss Strawberry Shortcake

Childhood Memories May Be Tied to Your Purpose!

When I was growing up, I would read huge books, write novels, and make up characters, and act them out. In the fourth grade, I was tested and determined to have a 12th grade reading level. I was placed in gifted classes, and went to Montessori school at one point.

I would create board games from scratch, put together detailed ‘school plans’ and stay up for hours into the night, making fake school lessons. I even would spend time replicating each page dozens of times, because I had no copier.

It pleased me to see people take something I had put together and learn something. I spent lots of time alone and to me it made no sense.  I loved to tell long stories and hear long stories.

People would get aggravated with my endless questions “and then what happened? And how did you look while you said that to her? What was her response?” I loved to paint mental pictures. I spent a lot of time alone in isolation, but it gave me time to develop my imagination.

I constantly read books and among my favorite was Helen Keller, and usually other stories of people who had difficult upbringing and overcame the odds. I loved Strawberry Shortcake. I owned everything from her clothing to every toy that came out to the point where my Grandmother called me ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ sometimes, Pippi Longstocking, and Annie.  These were all examples to me of independent children who lived on their own and were happy and thrived.


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Assholes rule the world

Assholes seem to rule the world. Take a look at our politicians and prove that one wrong. Unfortunately one has to use the word “seems” because truthfully speaking they no more rule then their opposites, but they are so blatant in their asshole-ness, one would think they rule.

We all have a little asshole in us – hell, we all have assholes, but this post is not about that kind of asshole. Lucky for the definition both types of assholes pretty much do the same thing – exude plenty of shit. (See what I did there, me so clever.)

Every year we at the Hideout do a show about assholes in media. You have to have a good guy, a bad guy and there must be an asshole in order to make the story work.

Look at William Atherton in Ghostbusters or Real Genius or Die Hard – he’s the asshole in every each of those movies. William Zabka made being an asshole an art form and it took him years to break away from the role. Can you imagine those casting meetings? “We need an asshole, is Zabka available?” Asshole makes the plot move foreword, giving the villain just enough edge to add 20 much needed minutes to the movie.

Assholes break the couple up so that the romantic comedy can get a few more laughs before the predictable ending. Movies, TV shows, video games, novels, even comics need their assholes. (more…)

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Slings and Arrows

The CW has announced that its new hit show Arrow will be coming back for a second season.  Arrow has been a rating winner for the CW and one of it’s most popular new shows with the biggest premiere ratings since 2015.  Add that to the slew fan favorite actors making guest appearances,  including alumni from highly successful shows like Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactic (the one that doesn’t suck), it doesn’t look like the ratings are going down anytime too soon.

Of course, like anything, Arrow has its haters who probably watch every episode and are now crying on some message board or blog, or Facebook page (angry meme powers, activate!) about how a show like Arrow can get renewed yet FOX won’t bring back Firefly.  (I don’t want to be the one to tell them about the whole “different network”  thing.)  However, it is the opinion of the Hideout that Arrow rocks the Casbah and deserves another season or four. (more…)

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Veronica Mars movie

You have to give it to TV show fans, they can be as fickled bunch but for Veronica Mars the fans came out in force and just blew away a Kickstarter record.  In the first day of putting up a Kickstater campaign for the making of a Veronica Mars movie, in just half that day fans came on and raised $3 million dollars making the Veronica Mars Movie Campaign a history maker for Kickstarter.

As of this writing there are almost 60 thousand contributors to campaign and they are well on their way to raising $5 Million.  Okay, it’s Veronica Mars, okay we’re talking low budget and there may be a question of shooting schedules (a lot of the cast are in current series.)  This is not the only time Fans got to at least get an ending to a favorite series.  Fan reaction gave Farscape a 4-hour ending, gave Firefly a movie, gave Dollhouse an extra season, saved Community.


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Castle Review

If you want to grab the attention of your audience, start with a suspicious man running down an alley then turning to fire a big ass gun as a van speeding at him only to be hit – then cut to our main characters.  This is an episode that pulls us again to what makes Castle work, tense situation, interesting mystery, and character interaction that works for the serious and the humor that show is know for mixing.
There’s a formula for crime drama.   You have to have the crime, or what you think is a crime only to have clues lead you to the real crime.   For the most part they have to be procedural, which is often said with a bit of criticism and that never made sense to me.  Cop show or detective series, it involves investigation and you can’t do that without procedure.


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Banshee Review

This is one show that when you watch on DVD or Netflix you’re going to regret not catching it earlier.  Every episode steps up the tension to an already tension filled series, and when they bring it, it’s pretty much brung.

The deliciously hot Rebecca plot changes radically, and she has to turn to Ex-Amish turn small town gangster Uncle Kai for help, and that relationship take a full blown “Hustler’s Barely Legal” turn.   Lucas get to confront Carrie about his daughter, and Olec come to town to tell Rabbit’s daughter it’s time to come home or die.   In the history of TV fights, this one turns the volume up to eleven as Carrie disagrees with Olec, violently.   Alex Longshadow gets the family business and it turns out he has a smoking hot sister who pops up to wish pops a good death and will probably be sticking around Banshee for a bit.


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