Don’t Get Bored…Get Busy! How to Make The Most Of Your Summer Vacation…For Teens


School’s out! You’re now faced with two to three months that you have to fill with something productive to do so that you don’t waste away in the house all day. There are a variety of options depending on what grade you are in and what your interest are:

1) Get Employed! One way to have a productive summer is to get a part-time summer job. Many people don’t want to work during the summer because they think that it may be boring. Work doesn’t have to be boring though. If you like kids, for example, there are summer camps that you can work at.

You can also try and find jobs with people who are working in careers that you are interested in, that way not only do you make money but you get to see if you really like the field.

Also as you get older, especially once you reach college, your back to school cost will get more expensive and parents may be less willing and or unable to help so having some extra money at the end of the summer is always a plus.

2) Internships. If you are in college, internships are another summer possibility. There are both paid and unpaid internships. Regardless of which type of internship you participate in, they can be very rewarding. Internships look great on resumes and sometimes can help land you a job post graduation. Networking and hands-on experience are key for being marketable after you graduate because employers like to see that you have experience in that specific field.

3) Broaden Your Horizons. Studying abroad or taking summer classes are another way to keep busy over the summer. Studying abroad can be a fun and life-changing experience. Many schools offer summer study abroad programs so you can go to various countries, immerse yourself in a different culture, and in many cases earn college credits while you are over there.

4) Summer School. Summer classes can help you either get ahead or catch up if you didn’t do too well in one of your classes during the school year. Also, summer classes are typically smaller so you are able to get more help and attention from your professor and you can also establish relationships with professors which will help you get letters of recommendation later on in your college career.

5) Helping Others. You can always engage in community service projects. Some scholarships require community service for eligibility. Community service is also a good way to help out and make a difference in someone’s life.

No matter what you do, just make sure that you enjoy it because your summer will fly by before you know it!!