Fast Food Workers Want $15 an Hour

So I’m sure many of you have heard about the protests by U.S. fast-food workers demanding higher wages a few years ago. If you haven’t, where have you been? Wait, isn’t it my job to inform you? Oops.

Okay, so some time back, fast-food workers in 150 cities (including New York City), gathered inside and around restaurants demanding their pay be increased to $15.00.

That’s almost double the minimum wage for some states where it still is $7.50-8.50 an hour. New York will reach the $15 mark in 2022! Some of the fast-workers that participated in these protests were employees from McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Dominos.

Fast Food Forward, the campaign in charge of organizing the protests, said in an earlier statement that 436 arrests were made across the U.S. for disorderly conduct and obstructing traffic. 52 fast-food workers in Kansas were arrested, 42 in Detroit, 23 in Chicago, 11 in Little Rock, Ark, and a dozen others across the U.S.  With support from SEIU (Service Employees International Union), fast-workers have good reason to fight for more pay. Yes, this is serious. And let’s be fair: even with $15 per hour, they won’t be able to cover the cost of higher education if they have the chance to get into college!

I used to work in fast food and tbh (to be honest), it’s more like a Customer Service Representative Job. Yeah, I said it. For 3 years straight, I worked at Wendy’s while in high school, you know to make some extra cash, but the customers though? OMG, they were so rude and disrespectful After looking back, maybe it was because they were hungry which explains why so many were grumpy. I often found myself de-escalating irate customers on the regular. Could they have been listening to Trump a little too much? Anyways, we can vote again in about a year and a half. Are you also wondering if voting a right or a privilege? Please share your thoughts.

I don’t know, but when you’re working for 7½ hours or longer and customer after customer treats you like you’re “less” than them, it takes A LOT to ‘bite your tongue’ and keep moving. $15.00 bucks an hour may seem like fast-workers are pushing it but thanks to the recession of a few years back, Mickey D’s is no longer a summer job for high school students. I support more pay for fast-food workers but some things have to change if their pay is increased. They really need to learn to question and question to learn more and more. That will help them deal with lifestyle solutions in a more positive way.

Things That Should Change

  1. Better dine-in and drive-thru service. If food workers get more pay, they can no longer get an attitude if I ask for extra barbeque sauce. Sometimes they act like it’s coming out of their paycheck. Fast food chains should really take some pointers from Chick-fil-a. Their customer service is on point. Whether you’re dining in or driving thru, they are always polite, friendly, and professional. If they’d go back to school, they again will have to learn these basics.
  2. No more long wait times in the drive-thru. If fast-food workers get more pay, I shall no longer have to wait 10 minutes for my food. That 5 o’clock rush has to be handled. Prep, get more workers on the line and move faster. Waiting for over 3 minutes is inexcusable.
  3. My food should be fresh at all times. If fast-food workers get more pay, my fries should always be hot, cheese melted on my burger and a nice soft drink that’s not watered down. So the companies can advertise what they want; if the workers don’t get it, it may be all wasted, in the end.
  4. Food items should be “in stock.” That moment when you’ve been craving for a strawberry milkshake all day and you finally get there to place your order to hear “Our machine is down” or “We don’t have any more Hershey pies.” If fast-food workers get more pay, there shall be no more of that. Have your items in stock and your machines up and running. Let them get off the wall and into their customers’ heads.
  5. Please get my food order right. If fast-food workers get more pay, I should get what I paid for. If I paid for a Number 2, with no pickles, medium sized with a Sprite, an order of nuggets, with a salad add ranch dressing—all that should be in the bag. Nothing more, nothing less, or the person’s order behind me.
  6. The dining room should always be clean. If fast-food workers get more pay, a clean table on the regular would be nice. So let them make sure they really will keep it real!
  7. Bathrooms should always have soap and toilet paper. Is it too hard to ask for clean bathrooms with soap and toilet paper?
  8. My pay better go up as well. If their pay is doubled, then so shall mine. We are all getting underpaid. That is all. My requests weren’t too bad were they? What are some of your requests, if any?