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Google Cracks Down On AdWords Scams: Should You Be Worried?

The staff at AdWords Adviser frequently help out at the AdWords Help Forum. It pains me whenever I read a question on that forum that starts with something like:

How exactly do we earn money from Google?

Just reading this in a headline to a question usually tells me that yet another person has fallen victim to an Internet scam promising big riches from Google only to have ended up bitter, disappointed and out of pocket. This may very well affect your lifestyle, so you better pay attention and take care!

Regulars on the AdWords Help Forum have been doing their bit to try and get Google to do something about these sites, here’s one such thread. So how exactly can you find the elusive work-life balance? 

The guys at Search Engine RoundTable have also been campaigning against Google scams for months now. Here is what they have had to say:

  • Scam: Google Money System or Google Kit
  • Google Scams Getting Worse
  • Google Begins Banning Google AdWords Scams

Others have also been reporting on the issue, see these posts:

  • Finally, Google Suspends Accounts Running Adword Scam Programs
  • Google Cracking Down on AdWords Scams

I’ve been following progress on this issue with interest and it’s fantastic to see that all the campaigning against AdWords scams is starting to pay off and that Google is now taking this issue more seriously.

Warning: Scammers, be worried, Google is after you!

But, should legitimate advertisers be concerned?

Yes, you should! You better really keep it really clear.

Google is also making mistakes with the sites that they are selecting for banning.