Lifestyle Solutions-Learn to Question and Question to Learn

Everyone Should Have A Student Mentality

Having a student mentality does not mean that you can’t pay any attention in class because Todd is going to fight Curtis at playtime.

That’s just a regular mentality – we all want to see Todd fight Curtis because Curtis needs to be punched in his stupid face. So check out this article about Lifestyle Solutions-Learn to Question and Question to Learn.

A student mentality is an open mind that stays open, regardless of who is teaching it. This is not to imply that you should believe everything you’re told (only if you read it here). It is wise to apply critical thinking to all new information. But at the same time, you should be willing to learn from absolutely anyone.

I used to work for a direct marketing firm, traveling from town to town, generating leads for home improvement companies. It was one of those entry-level, commission-only jobs, but it is where I developed much of the foundation of my sales skills. I was around 22 at the time, but I was still older than many of my co-workers.

I could have played the seniority card and told those whippersnappers to stay the hell off my lawn. If I had done so, I would have probably only learned how to learn nothing. Some of the younger sales reps were the smartest, hardest working, and most successful. So, instead, I let them show me the ropes, gaining a unique strategy from each one of them, and was able to hone my skills more quickly. Probably even the quickest.

Knowledge is Power and Ignorance is Bliss, so Take your Pick

As John Lennon never said, “Keep your mind open, but your enemies out. Hello, I’m John Lennon”.

While this makes perfect sense, it cannot be stressed stressfully enough that your mind entrance must be guarded with an industrial strength bullshit filter at all times. Everyone, from the Prince of Nigeria to PETA to everyone on television and the Internet, including myself, is constantly trying to shovel secret agendas and wheelbarrows full of horse manure down your earholes and eyeholes. Just Google “astroturfing”, then retreat to the mountains. Just see what impact gifted children have on our society and how basics count when we go back to school or college!

I first heard about astroturfing from a Ted talk, where the speaker pointed out that Wikipedia had been accused of manipulating information in favor of whoever was paying them. In the video comments, even the speaker was accused of pushing an anti-vaccine agenda. So, who can you believe?


Whether someone tells you that they have the secret password that will grant you access to an everlasting lifetime of eternal yumminess, or that they desperately need to transfer their fortune to your bank account, ask questions. Ask why. And don’t stop asking until they can no longer answer. Then, ask yourself if you still want to buy their snake oil.

Similarly, pay attention to propaganda. It’s absolutely everywhere, but it blends in. I seriously doubt that everyone who blows a whistle on political corruption is a traitor/rapist And choosing your lifestyle can never be done totally independent. And there’s a reason that we see more Biebers on TV than police beatings. Do you really believe this nonsense? Don’t accept any form of media at face value.


  • Does this person have a vested interest in the subject? Of course, your doctor is going to recommend a drug that they just paid a pharmaceutical salesman a ton of money for, regardless of its effectiveness. It’s no different than a sucker in a pyramid scheme pushing whatever junk they invested their life savings into.
  • Are they being paid by a company that has a stake in the matter? Of course, oil companies are going to deny global warming, regardless of how much proof you throw at them. It’s no different than cigarette companies finding no link between their product and cancer.
  • Is the truth just obvious? Of course, old diseases are going to return if you no longer vaccinate for them. It’s…just…come on. Are you keeping it REAL?!


Once you can see through the smoke screen, it will be easier to spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s a dog eat dog world, run by pig-snakes who pay parrots to turn sitting ducks into shark food. Even Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Whale, that all sounds pretty fishy to me. Just try to find the right work-life (or is it life-work) balance to keep things really real.

So, in conclusion, there is a ton of information to be consumed out there, and while a student mentality will remove any bias you may have toward the source of the information, you can still maintain a healthy skepticism. Understanding your teacher’s motives will not only help you understand what they are teaching but why they are teaching it. This also applies to those teachers that educate high school dropouts in hopes that something good will come out of that. Don’t get all of your information from one source and don’t stop asking questions!