Little Miss Strawberry Shortcake

Childhood Memories May Be Tied to Your Purpose!

When I was growing up, I would read huge books, write novels, and make up characters, and act them out. In the fourth grade, I was tested and determined to have a 12th grade reading level. I was placed in gifted classes, and went to Montessori school at one point.

I would create board games from scratch, put together detailed ‘school plans’ and stay up for hours into the night, making fake school lessons. I even would spend time replicating each page dozens of times, because I had no copier.

It pleased me to see people take something I had put together and learn something. I spent lots of time alone and to me it made no sense.  I loved to tell long stories and hear long stories.

People would get aggravated with my endless questions “and then what happened? And how did you look while you said that to her? What was her response?” I loved to paint mental pictures. I spent a lot of time alone in isolation, but it gave me time to develop my imagination.

I constantly read books and among my favorite was Helen Keller, and usually other stories of people who had difficult upbringing and overcame the odds. I loved Strawberry Shortcake. I owned everything from her clothing to every toy that came out to the point where my Grandmother called me ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ sometimes, Pippi Longstocking, and Annie.  These were all examples to me of independent children who lived on their own and were happy and thrived.

Why was I drawn to these stories? Perhaps because in my own life I spent a lot of time alone, raising myself, and was unknowingly soon to overcome great challenges. I used those stories to give me strength. How did I know I would eventually write scripts and teach drama, and work with girls and women in a teaching capacity, helping them to overcome their own temptations and challenges?

When I was younger, making my own plans, I said I wanted to be a Veterinarian, but God had other plans for me. I always said ‘Anything but a teacher!” Sometimes the last thing you think you want to do is right where God places you!

Like us, originally a seed has a purpose. There is something it is meant to be. When we put it in the ground there is a ‘Vision’ in mind that WE have for it.  First you think, ‘I want to grow Strawberries.’ Then you go to the store and buy strawberry seeds. You look at the packet, and say ‘Yes, this is going to be strawberries,” and you see a vision of strawberries, even have a vision of eating that strawberry. You open the packet and look at the seeds, and you know what those seeds are capable of becoming.

Even while you stare at these tiny seeds, you don’t see that seed.  You don’t try to eat that seed.  You have plans for that seed.  And when its first growing, you don’t pluck it right out of the ground and try to eat the tiny sprout, either. Why? You know what a mature strawberry looks like.

Matter of fact, you know that you probably won’t have the fruit for a year or two after planting. But you know and have faith for the end result, so everything you do is designed to bring about that purpose, from fertilizing it, to watering it lightly due to the #1 cause of tree death is drowning.

Over time, you watch it, and don’t interfere with the growth process, because you don’t want to kill its purpose as months pass, you know that this seed will endure winter, birds, dry soil conditions etc. and still triumph, and become a strawberry that will end up as part of your strawberry shortcake.  And if we don’t use it for what it is designed for, what will happen to it?

It will simply die, and never have brought the intended pleasure that it was grown for. Would it be too forward for me to say that all that work will have been for nothing and worthless?

So, if you go to the store today and pick out some strawberries, know that it took time, energy and effort by someone to bring those to life.


This is the same with us. When God creates us, He has a vision in mind. As the above verse in Jeremiah states, he has plans for us. He sees in us what we fail to see in ourselves. He sees what we are going to be, not what we are. And everything He does during our upbringing is for the purpose of growing us into what we are meant to be.

Sometimes we may endure harsh winters, ravenous birds, and unfavorable conditions but the end result is what God sees from the time he placed us in our mother’s womb. And all off the talents, gifts and abilities that he placed in us are there to help accomplish the Purpose that He has for our lives. Eventually, it is intended to prosper us, give us hope and a future.

  • What are your talents?
  • What are your natural gifts and abilities that make you stand out from the rest?
  • What stories and heroes did you gravitate towards growing up?
  • What games did you like to play?

Just the things that you were interested in tell a deeper story.

It is important that you learn and understand your purpose, and then begin to walk in it, and pursue it with an unwavering faith, focusing on the end result! It’s what you were made for…wasn’t it?! Don’t look at who and what you are now, and allow the enemy to condemn you for not getting there yet, because his job is to Deceive, Discourage, Distract, and Disrupt the Purpose that God has for you.

As long as you are still breathing, it’s never too late to re-focus. You are destined for great things! God is still working in, on, and through you. Allow him to change your way of thinking about your worth and value in the Kingdom!

In closing, don’t let your existence be for nothing, or worthless like uneaten strawberries!! Remind yourself daily that you are God’s Purposed Creation, made with a vision, valuable and unique. There are certain things that only you can do, certain people that only you can reach.  When will you decide that it’s time to become who you were born to be?

I know I’m ready to step out! Let’s go!

…but first… I’m off to buy some strawberries!