THERE’S A PLAN FOR THAT- Value of insurance

The autumn flower of sun flare.
The autumn flower of sun flare.

Like a sultry movie star from days of yore, I put the bad leg up on Nate’s knee and sexily tore off the ankle brace.  He looked up at me like I was insane.  So I said, “What, don’t you want some THIS!”  He said, “The ankle brace strip tease really doesn’t do it for me.”  Apparently the bend-and-snap move I learned in Legally Blonde doesn’t actually work.  And since I’m lazy, I quit trying to seduce my husband shortly after that.

You know how some women can turn a man on like flipping a light switch?  I’m not one of them.  I guess that’s why I spend so much time sitting in the dark.  Pass me those irate birds – I have some pigs to kill.


It’s a little ironic that I’m terrified of death, and yet I am married to a man who deals with death in his profession every single day.  No, I’m not married to a mortician or a funeral director. Nate doesn’t perform autopsies, he’s not a crime scene investigator.Nate is a Certified Financial Planner. He sells life insurance. Rather than death, “life” is the name of his game.  At the most basic level, Nate’s job is to ask his clients, “Can you take care of your family after you’re gone.”

Someday, sooner or later, one of Nate’s clients will move onto whatever is next, and Nate will deliver a policy to the grieving family.  Usually, thinking of death makes me upset.  But when I think of what Nate does, reaching out to families to make sure they can live their lives to the fullest, I feel hopeful.  I feel as though there are people out there, in this world, making sure we are doing alright.  And if we can live to the fullest while we are here on Earth, we can go to whatever is next without worrying (too much) about the loved ones we leave behind.

Sure, I hate the long hours.  I hate never knowing what the paycheck will be that month.  I hate that Nate is always working, every day, every night – even taking phone calls when we are out.  But what kind of Financial Planner would Nate be if he didn’t make himself 100% available to his clients?  Which is why I support him entirely and do whatever I can to make his job a little easier.  And of course, Financial Planning is not just life insurance – it’s making the most of your money so you can achieve your goals.

Want to send your kids to college?  There’s a plan for that.  Want to buy a boat?  There’s a plan for that.  Want to go on vacation, secure long-term care funding, and leave college funds for your grandchildren?  There’s a plan for that, and Nate’s your guy.

Life is too important.  If you haven’t already, start talking to your loved ones about saving, investing and planning.  It’s never too early – or too late – to start planning.

Last night as I was playing Angry Birds while Nate watched House of Cards on Netflix, I suddenly remembered that I’m supposed to be baby-obsessed, and wouldn’t it be nice to have some physical contact with my husband while the baby was in bed.  We may have been in the same room, but we could have been on separate planets for all the interaction that was going on between the bird flinging and the… whatever LOST actually turned out to be.

I put the G-D birds down.  I ignored the plight of the secretly hidden papayas I was trying to bust out of crates.  And I hobbled over to my husband, who was practically drooling while mindlessly staring at the TV.  I say hobbled because my shinsplints are killing me and I read somewhere that an ankle brace can help.  So I was sporting the sexiest outfit ever seen:  Cargo capris (?), a t-shirt, and an ankle brace.