Well-being self-assessment. The 12 Vital Signs

Maybe today’s a good day to take our well-being self-assessment. That’s a good thing to do right….check our vital signs every once in a while?

By the way, why do doctors take time to check our blood pressure, temperature, and reflexes when we go for a visit? It’s because they’re indicators of our physical well-being.  Turns out, the same principle applies to our spiritual health, only the vital signs differ.

So let’s take a moment to reflect on how we’re doing spiritually through this self-assessment exercise.  Rank yourself from 1-5 for each of these categories, one being lowest, and then we’ll reflect on the results.

Ready to get started?….ok, go ahead and turn your head and cough:)



How patient are you?  Do you have a short fuse, or become irritated easily?  Are you frequently in a bad mood?  Our temperament is often indicative of two things: our level of consciousness and degree of presence.  When we’re discontent with the present moment or in some form of self-loathing we become irritable and impatient.  To read more on our level of consciousness, check out a great article by Justin Mazza here.


How frequently do you think of ways to serve others?  When was the last time you deliberately did something to help another person?  Do you serve only when it’s convenient, or are you willing to make real sacrifices for the benefit of others?  The miracle of service is that it’s not only an indicator of our spiritual health, but it’s also one of the strongest forms of spiritual healing.


Do you feel connected to others, to nature, or even a Higher Power?  Our level of connectedness to everything and everyone around us is indicative of how dominated we are by our ego, which attempts to convince us that happiness comes through separation from, especially God.


Do you find renewal in exposure to new ideas?  Do you feel as though you’re a student of life like my boy Jk Allen?  Do you look to grow from each and every experience you have?  How often do you read, visit museums, art galleries, or attend concerts?  What new endeavors are you planning for the future?….a new language, music lessons, or maybe a college course?  This is very indicative of your spiritual health.


How often do you hear that still small voice?  Do you look for reasons to rationalize it away, or exercise faith and listen to its promptings?  How frequently do you receive inspired ideas regarding your family, career, art, and your own personal development?  Our level of inspiration can be likened to our spiritual pulse, which when weak is indicative of some major health problems indeed.


Do you live on a spiritual junk food diet?  Are the shows, music, websites, and games you partake of filled with vulgar expressions of violence, immorality, and profane language?  The Doc tells us we are what we eat, and this applies to more than Snickers bars.


Are you in a state of perpetual seeking, always looking for that next thing that will bring you happiness?  Do you look for this in the form of adventure, material things, or relationships?  Or do you find life completely fulfilling regardless of your circumstances.  The greatest spiritual teachers have the capacity to transcend the physical realm and draw upon a higher power to find a sense of peace and inner bliss despite their surroundings.


Are you willing to “turn the other cheek?”  Do you hold onto grudges?  Do you use your emotional TiVo to replay time and time again the things that have offended you?  Or are you willing to forgive in the very instant the offence occurs?  Unforgiveness is a spiritual cancer that will eat away at you until all that remains is bitterness and resentment.


Do you constantly focus on the flaws of others?  How large of a role does gossip play in your life?  Do you inwardly look down on others, but paint a humble picture of yourself for the world to see?  Do you condemn those you see, who at first impression seem less attractive, intelligent, or socially adept?  Or do you understand that the flaws we seen in others are only a reflection of ourselves, and that we have something to learn from every individual we encounter?


How frequently do you take time to connect with a Higher Power?  Do you speak to God on a regular basis?  Do you share all of your inner struggles and successes with Him?  Do you plead with the Source of all lasting peace and happiness to help you manifest your inner most desires?  Prayer and meditation is simply the link to our spiritual health.


How do you envision yourself?  How frequently is your inner-speech, like my bud Rob White likes to call it, damaging to your spiritual health?  Do you see the divine attributes that reside within you?  Do you fell worthy of happiness?  A low degree of self-worth is equivalent to being spiritually overweight.  It’s a load that we constantly carry, and it keeps us from realizing our true potential.


Have you taken time to consider why you’re here?  Do you believe that your life has a very specific purpose?  Have you ever endeavored to discover your life’s mission, or what role your unique talents and abilities play in fulfilling that mission?  This is the ultimate source of motivation, to strive to accomplish something greater than ourselves.  It’s through unlocking that door , that we find the strength to literally endure anything.  Want to meet a guy with a higher sense of purpose, meet Rob

So that’s it!  How’d you do?

Do any of those vital signs require the attention of a specialist, or are you good to go?

Personally, I’d say I need to work on Temperament (3), Fulfillment (2.5), and I suffer from major lulls in the Connectedness arena from time to time where I bounce between 2 and 4.

But I’m most interested in your results, as well as what you feel I may have left out.

So if you feel inclined, take a moment, chime in, and join the conversation.  Your feedback is sure to benefit everyone.